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Generative Architecture

A couple Sundays ago, I was tinkering in Processing to come up with a script to generate sustainable living architectures. After running the script for a few minutes, I was left with thousands of randomly generated sketches. While some of the sketches are interesting and beautiful, the majority are just noisy and repetitive.

Coincidentally, I stumbled on this incredible TED talk by Michael Hansmeyer called Building unimaginable shapes. While the presented algorithm isn't novel, the final output is incredible. In my particular case, I was inspired to create structures that adhered to a set of parameters (width, height, volume, spacing) rather than applying random folds, as the output in many cases can be impossible or impractical. That said, I am interested in adopting some of the techniques from Hansmeyer's talk in future sketches.

With a couple of tweaks, this output could be used for large posters and prints. I'd be lying if I said I was not tempted to re-use this sketch as artwork for a future EP that I've been casually producing.

Additionally, I am curious to see what this might look like running in the browser with Processing.js or WebGL.

This is the first time I've been hacked up Processing code in many months. I'm looking forward to spending more hours learning more about architecture, structure, and 3D visualization techniques.

August 1, 2012

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